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Welcome To The Jura Care Village:

The Jura Care Village located in George, Western Cape, specializes in the 24 hour care of people with different forms of Dementia. With compassionate care, multi-professional service and an ever-growing knowledge in the field of Dementia, we welcome you to the Jura Care Village, Africa’s first specialized Dementia Care village.

We now also offer professional home care in the Garden Route. If you need help at home, we’re here for you. Our home care ranges from flexible day care hours to 24 hour home care. Click the button below for more info:

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– Setting Standards For Dementia Care –

The Jura Care Village is a specialized environment, that is shaping the future caring standards for people with Alzheimer’s & other forms of Dementia. Our mission is to care for people living with Dementia in our home-like facilities, specifically designed to ensure that the desired outcome is ‘living well with Dementia’. We maintain or enhance quality of life and optimal general well-being with passionate management, multi professional team services, compassion and respect.

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The Jura Care Village

The Jura Care Village is a unique environment, specializing in the care for people with forms of Dementia like Alzheimer Disease, where we provide the multifaceted, professional and compassionate care our residents deserve. For more information: Click Here

The Jura Care Model is one that encourages and facilitates the growth and maintenance of personal independence within the individual, where suitable.

The Jura Care Village has an abundance of facilities & resources to allow each individual their own place of care. A Dementia resident that loves to go for morning walks can enjoy the multiple walking paths of our estate while accompanied. A resident who enjoys & remembers going to the coffee shop for some freshly baked muffins & a cup of coffee or tea will enjoy Jura Care Village’s very own tea garden. In these & many more ways, the Jura Care Model is not something set in stone. Instead, it is a guideline that adjusts to every resident’s needs & desires.

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– The Jura Care Village –

A Dementia-specialized environment, created specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia so as to ensure quality, purposeful living and stimulated well-being. There is a reason why we’re shaping the future care standards for people with Alzheimer’s & other forms of Dementia.

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