Who We Are

About Us: “Here at the Jura Care Village, we specialize in the care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia. But what makes us who we are?

Compassion, Love, Enthusiasm, Patience, Humility, Forgiveness, Kindness; these are the cornerstones of the Jura Care Village. This is what defines us and what we stand for. Providing quality, holistic care requires a multi-faceted care approach from a place of love, patience, kindness and enthusiasm.

By engaging our residents, within our homely environment, with various therapies such as quality time with animals, music, dolls, tools, plants, and art, we encourage a sense of purpose and raise their general level of well-being. There truly is a reason why we’re raising the standards for Dementia Care in South Africa. It’s because we truly care.”

Marlene van Niekerk
Managing Director


Jura Care Village

Mission Statement

Jura Care Village

Our mission is to care for people living with forms of Dementia in our home-like village whereby the desired outcome is ‘living well with dementia’. We will maintain or enhance quality of life and optimal general well-being with passionate management, multi professional team services, compassion and respect.

Our aim is to value the person, the individual… to support them to live their life as usual. And that is much easier accomplished outside the current South African care model, where cold hallways, restricting gates and fencing depict the limits of the residents’ physical and social lives. The Jura Care village is located on a 42 hectare coastal estate where our residents have ample room for continuing their lives, while being stimulated daily by the Jura Care Model.

The Jura Care Village

The Jura Care Village is a pristine coastal estate specializing in the care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

The location of the Jura Care Village on a coastal estate is an incredible advantage. It’s the simple things that make life worth living: your own home, a safe place, and if possible; doing what you feel like doing.

With the Jura Care Village’s specifically created environment, residents have a continual sense of purpose thanks to our many stimulating facilities, care model & highly trained staff.

Jura Care Village


Jura Care Village

The Jura Care Village is situated on the 42 hectare coastal estate, Jura Lands, located 8 km outside George along the pristine Garden Route Coastline. It is only 15 min drive from the George Airport.

It can be categorically stated that the Jura Care Village’s location, on the estate Jura Lands is the ideal location for a Dementia Residential type of health care facility.