<span style=”color: #092133;”>Your visit to us indicates that you are interested to know more about clinical research and perhaps even consider participating in a clinical trial.</span>

This web page has been designed to answer any questions that you may have in this regard. You can join the ranks of the many people contributing to medical research and the wellbeing of humankind.
Volunteers taking part in clinical trials make a huge contribution to this body of essential knowledge.

Please visit the most <a>frequently asked questions</a> section of our site. If you have any other question(s) on clinical trials, please <span style=”color: #1f7fb8;”><a style=”color: #1f7fb8;” href=”http://excellentis.co.za/contact-us/”>contact us</a></span>.

If you wish to volunteer to participate, please have a look at our <a>current trials</a>. You can contact us on <span style=”color: #1f7fb8;”><b>044 874 5762</b></span> or <a>register here</a> for further information.

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