The Jura Care Home is a 24 resident facility that specializes in the care of people with forms of Dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is one of them.

Key components of the Jura Care Model include the following:

The Jura Care Village appoints one staff member for every three residents, well above the typical level of staffing in this type of facility. Our Jura Care Staff has extensive experience in Dementia care and receives specialized training pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease, multi-infarct dementia, alcohol/korsakoffs related dementia, frontal lobe dementia, vascular dementia and other types of dementia on an on-going basis.


The Jura Care Staff participate in an intensive orientation program to learn about the model of care, culture of teamwork, and the expectations staff team mentors have of each individual’s position. An assigned mentor will provide on-the-job training for the first 6 to 12 days of employment. Senior staff mentors will serve as role models to assigned staff and provide regular feedback on their performance. The Jura Care Staff will also participate in training programs.
Applicants and their families will undergo a comprehensive screening and medical assessment process to determine the appropriateness of placement in the facility. Upon admission, medical staff will gather additional information from the family and conduct a thorough examination of the resident, including a complete medication evaluation. The person-centred care plan will then be developed.
An assigned staff member will care for a new resident during his or her first 3 to 10 days in the facility. Through one-on-one care, this person will provide emotional support to the new resident, addressing any anxiety, fear, or other feelings that may result from the move to the Jura Care Village. The person-centred care plan will be monitored and adjusted if necessary on a continuous basis.
Each day, residents will be encouraged to participate in exercise and other activities designed to boost self-esteem and meet individual needs and abilities. The facility will have a secure outdoor area with a hothouse and garden, aviary, workshop, caravan with seating, braai area, garden restaurant and garden furniture. When possible, residents could go to local events, museums and beaches. Specific therapies offered include the following:

  • Animal therapy: Therapy to help diffuse challenging behaviours and encourage participation in a range-of-motion exercises. The Jura Care Village is on a 42 hectare coastal estate where residents can interact with a variety of animals. Possible animals that will be used in therapy include horses, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, birds and peacocks.
  • Doll therapy: Doll therapy is a very effective method of stimulating positive moods and emotions such as empathy, compassion and a general feeling of well-being. Many of our residents enjoy interacting with the many dolls in the Jura Care Home.
  • Activity therapy: Pottery, Artwork, Painting, Knitting, etc.
  • Outdoor Activities: Walking, gardening or relaxing in- and outdoors.
  • Music therapy: Therapists will work with residents to promote wellness, help manage stress, and improve communication through singing, dancing, drumming and other instruments.
  • Multisensory room: This controlled multisensory room will be specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, etc. The combination of different textural materials on the wall will be explored using tactile senses.
  • Household Activities: Daily chores, partaking in kitchen, etc.
  • Spiritual care: Residents can participate in daily devotions and mealtime prayers. Appropriate staff, family or volunteers may accompany residents to local church services. All religions will be respected.
  • End-of-life care: Residents and families will have access to hospice and a compassionate palliative care program provided by trained staff. The Jura Care Staff will work closely with families, explaining what to expect as life draws to an end and supporting families after a resident passes away.
The Jura Care Medical staff will carefully review the list of medications residents are taking when they arrive at the Jura Care Village, for: need and appropriateness; correct dosage, frequency, and duration; and for potential adverse reactions. As part of the regular charting of residents needs and behaviour, medical staff consider physical or behavioral changes that might warrant a modification to medication regimens. The need for medication changes is also addressed during the monthly reviews of resident care plans.
Team leaders regularly chart all facets of residents’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, noting changes that require attention. Medical staff use this information to evaluate disease progression, behaviour-related issues, medication side effects, and comorbid medical conditions. As appropriate, they share this information with family members.

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– The Vision –

The Jura Care Vision is to set new standards when it comes to our number one priority: caring for our residents. Our vision is to provide a warm and loving environment for people living with forms of Dementia in one of the most beautiful places in the world.