A 15-year-old schoolboy has released a heartrending song in honour of his grandma, Maureen McGuinness, who is living with dementia.

Harry Gardner from Essex, England wrote the song after he visited his 76-year-old grandma who had deteriorated rapidly with Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia.

“She was lying in a dark room, with no expression on her face whatsoever, with her eyes closed,” Harry said.

“I had never seen my nan like that before and it really hit me hard. I left the room so shocked. The first thing I did when we arrived back at home was sit at the piano and try and get all my emotions down into words.”

Harry added that as a result of his music the family were finally able to talk about what had become a difficult subject.

Harry’s mum Gail, who works as a bridal hairstylist, said:

“The song is so special to me, but it’s also special to my mum’s 10 other grandchildren, who can all relate to the line about the chocolate in the handbag.”

“It was three years ago this month that I sat down with my mum playing scrabble. I knew something was wrong when she spelled joy with a G, it was really heart-breaking.”

“I’m so proud that Harry wants to raise the money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, it’s not something most 15-year-olds are doing.”

Maureen is currently being cared for at home by Harry’s granddad Owen. Harry uploaded the song and music video to his YouTube channel, and the video has so far had over 54,000 views.

You can watch Harry’s touching music video below:

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Maureen is currently being cared for at home by Harry’s granddad Owen.