Simon’s 79-year-old father, Ted, has Alzheimer’s disease. Incredibly, but he ‘comes back’ when he sings with his son, if only for a few brief minutes.

In the wonderful video below, Simon “Mac” McDermott, 40, drives around the city with his father in the passenger seat. Together, the pair sings their hearts out to “Quando, Quando, Quando.”

Ted was a singer and entertainer all his life, performing for audiences across England. Even after he got married and had kids, Ted continued to sing.
But Ted’s memory has been gradually deteriorating in the past few years. These days, he finds it harder and harder to recognize his loved ones and he also experiences angry outbursts.

The following clip quickly went viral, touching the hearts of people all across the world. Simon hopes to post more videos of Ted, who just recently celebrated his 80th birthday. He even has plans to have him perform alongside a band.

But there’s an even more powerful reason why Simon is sharing this video. His goal is to raise money to fund the work of the Alzheimer’s Society.