Spring is here and we’ve got many chirpy visitors making nests in the pine trees. We watch the testosterone in action as nests made from grasses, twigs and even plastics get weaved artistically and perfectly into a cozy home. All this is done to impress the woman in their life. What does she do? She takes one look and snaps it off the branch just to watch his hard work fall to the ground with not a moment of hesitation. ‘Not good enough.’ She says.

He looks not dismayed, nor concerned. He will win her over to his nest and so, sets off immediately to craft a nest like no other… He does win her heart and they live in his nest, chirpy and twirpy, as happy as can be.

One of the Jura Care Villages’ angels decided to pick up one of these fallen nests and use it to stimulate our residents. She told them about all the hard work that went into making this little nest. She helped them hold the nest and feel the textures, peering into the little hole.

Some laughed, some gasped with amazement and some didn’t respond at all. But all of our residents’ attention was captured and held even if for just a moment. Some just looked. Did they understand? I believe they did. I believe that while they may or may not have understood that before them was a nest, a bird’s small nest, they knew that they were being shown something. They knew they were being attended to. There was someone who cared, who shared a moment with them. That I believe is what it comes down to. That is what really matters and what we strive for!

And while it may not always be easy, we must remember: it’s not easy because we have ‘stuff’ WE’RE dealing with and not because of them. They don’t know. They have their own journey. By honestly looking at our own, we can see the situation for what it is. We can finally do something about the ‘stuff’ because it is now in our hands and not someone else’s baggage… And once we have dealt with OUR ‘stuff’, we can finally be there for them without all the baggage. We can be there for them in love.