I wanted a cat for the Jura Care Village home! No, I am not a cat person, or cat lover….never had a cat! All I knew was, that I wanted a cat for our home!

And so Cat came into our lives…. A gift from a special women and another special women somewhere in Oudtshoorn.

Aunty Mannee didn’t want this little creature in our home. Told her daughter many times not to bring the cat here! It will mess in the house. Who is going to look after it? Who is going to clean up after it? It will get lost among all the people! So it took a while to persuade her to try the cat in the house. Actually I felt exactly the same as Aunty Mannee, and with inner relief with the idea of the back door to get rid of the cat, we decided to give it a go, as long as we can give it back!

Oh my! I became a cat person within a day.

Cat is loved! Cat is entertaining all of us! Cat is keeping us busy!

Cat is my new Carer in the Home.


I carry Cat with me all the time. I knock on a door. Dear Jantje is still in bed and it is almost eleven! No one gets her out of her bed on one of her blue days. No one can change her mood of uselessness, or despair. No one can dry her eyes when they fill up with tears. No one can clear her head, when she is confused. I sat there holding her, crying with her, trying to make her smile…..


But when I left her room, with her still in bed and blue, I left Cat with her. She didn’t want Cat there, but I left the little bundle of dark grey with her running around in her room, reassuring her that I will be back just now. She tried to ignore the nuisance of an animal. But soon she was chasing him out under her bed, worried about him falling off her window sill, scared he is going to get wet in her shower….soon I could hear her laughter through the door. And long after that I walked into her room to find her cuddling and loving Cat!  Thank you, Cat…..


And Aunty Mannee, not keen on having the responsibility of Cat in our Home, enjoys Cat visiting her during her afternoon rests with her feet up, while reading her magazine. She loves my early morning visits, when I fix her hair for her, and chats about her family and mine….and Cat playing with the pins of her curlers! Cat makes her smile…

And Cat finds a way into every ones heart…


Sitting on our new lady’s lap, helping her to forget about an arm not responding anymore…

DSC_0128 (800x450)

Or entertaining the family, with Uncle G playing gently with Cat…


Or Lilla, giving all her food to “Ounooi” again under the table…


And each one of us having a name for Cat, giving it a new name any other day or half an hour…

But all we know is….Cat is so good to us, and we are so good to Cat!

And to me? Cat saves me every day! Cat is asking nothing of me. Cat is just giving. Cat lets me hold him. Cat lets me love him. Cat calls me every morning when he hears my voice…. Cat loves me and keeps me sane!


Welcome Cat at the Jura Care Village…..