Everything happening is always some kind of event we are trying to use to create an opportunity to create new memories or to go and find old ones to talk about over a cup of tea and a doughnut!

And now it is Easter! We spoke about the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs and a hunt on Sunday. The boys, Joe and Marco are eager to participate, but Buddy is worried, because the big birds, (peacocks) are going to make a mess of everything!

And so last night he told me that he actually only knows, Easter Saturday!  Hmmm, just agree, Alzheimer’s….I thought.

But this morning on my way with breakfast I could see Buddy way up at the entrance of the farm, enjoying his stroll. I walked all the way up to greet him, and hand in hand we strolled back home. Again he told me about Easter Saturday, and something about every year he did this Race, and something about oceans and two of them….

My eyes fell on his sweatshirt, with the three badges sewn on the front….Two Oceans Marathon! 1996 and 1997 and 56km!

IMG_7551 (1024x662)

I Googled…..indeed! I couldn’t get to the Annex quick enough to tell Buddy! I printed out the form with all the info!

As he sat there waiting for lunch, I told him that he was right! It is indeed Easter Saturday and every year it is the Two Ocean’s Marathon!

IMG_7547 (1024x682)

He smiled, delighted and said. “So for the first time I didn’t talk shit. I was right!”

IMG_7552 (1024x598)

He proudly kept the paper with the details from Google, and we left him with a big wide smile, telling us to go. “This uncle is hungry now!”

Our Buddy and Easter Saturday and Two Oceans and many more Marathons and Comrades ago….