Indeed….as I sat in my own kitchen tonight, and counting on my fingers, I realise …it’s been so long!

Since the day, in December, Buddy drove into my life, my life has been filled and lifted to new places. I thought it was great when Joy came to live with us two months later, and amazing when she started to smile through the darkness of her depression.

DSC_0003 (450x800)

And when At came, thundering into my life I learnt so much, and I am so thankful to him, for pushing me into new places with this disease. And the day he left, I cried with my Carers….missing him.

DSC_0023 (800x745)

But soon our dear ‘ouma’ Anna came. We put her to bed, warm and soft, and kept her there, fed her there, and started to love her there. But the very first night, one of my angel Carers softly whispered in her ear. “Ouma Anna, you see that wheelchair of yours, in this house, we don’t use that, in this house, we walk!” And so Ouma Anna is walking now, recognising her own green door to her room, knitting a piece, and loves to color in when she gets the chance!

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And another Anna came, our Aunty Anna! And she keeps us busy! She loves the attention, and if she feels that she is neglected, while we sit and rub her feet, only glimpsing at someone else, she will scream, and then softly smiles as soon as you are hers again.  And she eats and eats….and cries for more while I wipe the crumbs from her mouth.

DSC_0218 (800x588)

So one day, Johan gave the thumbs up! We can move into our new home!! DSC_0276 (800x450) Buddy already moved himself in two weeks prior to that! He was camping! No hot water for a while didn’t bother him, as his daughter brought his two hundred year old chest of drawers from his grandfather, his mothers’ dressing table with all his mouldy stuff inside!

DSC_0123 (450x800)

Our three existing ladies living in the Annex also moved in! But it was not so easy. They had to find their new ways in a new environment! Everything was strange, but luckily the faces were familiar, the hugs and the kisses…, so soon they were fine, and now almost three weeks later…it is home! We all were getting used to our new home! The three ladies loved fiddling with all the new things in the home, exploring the gardens, sitting in the sun….slowly they were ‘coming home’ They were settled and we were ready for our new residents!

Jantje, came into our lives and our home! She choose to live here,( with her daughter’s help”).  And of course, some days she didn’t and then some days she did…but that is exactly how it goes….having Alzheimer’s, you know. She moved in, and she found a place in our hearts, and slowly we know that we are finding a place in hers.

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The next day, Amelia came! So fragile she moved in, and she brought her dog along, Ounooi! He kept  her busy, chasing her out of bed early  mornings, kept her worried whether he is going to get lost all day. And then Ounooi shared her fleas….and I took her to the Doggy Parlour for the day. And Amelia was so calm and content, enjoyed the other ladies, enjoyed the sun in the gardens, the birds in the aviary…. And I wondered about “Ounooi”. So we kept her away for another day and another….and the memory was gone as Amelia forgot. And now, Amelia is our little girl, missing her mommy and sisters, wondering about her grandpa and grandma…..calling me, “Aunty” to keep her safe, and to crawl with her into her bed at night until she falls asleep…..

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This is our home now…..filled with our special people, and my angels watching over them…day and night. One day I will tell you about my angels…. It’s been so long….already almost nine months…since this is my life!