Just another special day at the Jura Care Village! 


IMG-20150503-01001 (800x606)

Buddy did his 5km walk

Joy slept late, only to get up and to sit in her blue gown having her first cigarette, and late morning start giving Angeline some knitting lessons:

DSCN0013 (800x560)

and AT walking and walking and walking….

Late afternoon AT was still walking, hardly sitting his tired body down, as he went to fetch the sheep. Being an old sheep farmer many years ago in Upington area, he loves doing that every day. We let him be, and the sheep let him be too.  But this time John saw an opportunity and went to help him and together they brought the sheep to the ‘kraal’.

IMG-20150516-01069 (800x400)

Lets dose the sheep for the winter! Joy was watching from her window and decided that she wanted to be part of this. The carer fetched a chair, and she sat down to sit back and relax watching us do all the work. But I saw an opportunity! Joy has been an office lady her whole life, and she loves telling us about her days at Murray and Roberts. And she was so good she became the head girl of the office! I gave her the book documenting the sheep, and she smiled, very impressed with her responsibility. I gave her the numbers to write down, and even when it came out the wrong way around, we didn’t care. When we were done, she left with a literal skip in her walk, giggling with the carer when she tried to jump over the tall grass.

DSCN0067 (800x414)DSCN0096 (800x450)

We wanted to know which ewes are going to lamb soon, and AT gave us a hand, feeling their udders and giving us his opinion!

DSCN0072 (800x450)DSCN0076 (800x450)

Still smelling like sheep, we needed a break and decided to relax at the aviary, (still sitting on empty paint tins) hoping for a warm cup of tea.

IMG-20150509-01019 (800x600)IMG-20150509-01018 (800x600)

We ended the day, with our house brew of ‘black stuff’, and our people were all retiring to bed early.

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Note: The Jura Care Village Residents featured above, as well as their relatives, have agreed to allow us to write about their lives here at the Jura Care Village. Our purpose for doing so is for educational and inspirational purposes. Serving to increase the current understanding of Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia and especially, how to care for people with this neurodegenerative disease. Each resident at the Jura Care Village can either allow or disallow the team to write and blog about them. The choice remains in the hands of the residents and their families, respectively.