The rising sound of rhythmic drums bellow deeply rich sounds within the Jura Care Home, coaxing our residents to their seats where a variety of musical instruments await each of them.

The Knysna drum café team beat away at their drums as Richelle, the music therapy facilitator welcomes everyone to another session of fun. Some sit on the edge of their seats, while others sit deeper, for responding no longer comes so easy to them. Richelle begins with an easy-to-follow drumming pattern so as to warm everyone up.


Smiles can be seen all around



A large variety of instruments provide for greater stimulation

We then each pick a new instrument of our liking, some choose shakers, tambourines, and a number of instruments which I do not even know the name of. The room gently vibrated with rattling, swooshing and thumping sounds, each with a character of their own. If there were colours assigned to each sound, the room would transform into a chemistry of abstractions, a painting like no other.


Unique ‘domino’s on a string-like’ instrument



Connections in time, moments of momentary memories



Every moment of stimulating interaction is a gift

Not all people with a form of dementia will respond to music the same way. But no matter how far the disease has spread, all people will respond to music therapy in some way. Whether the person simply smiles, or taps their feet, hums or nods their head, every response is a good response.


A resident playing the harmonica



Marlene encouraging one of the residents to play drums

There is a reason why we’re raising the standards of Dementia Care in South Africa.