As I walked through the bare garden that morning, I thought of a time when I was a little girl…. How I wanted pretty clothes like my best friend at school. Her mother made her the most beautiful clothes, and I was always wearing one of three in my cupboard.  And when I went to Varsity, nothing changed as I moved in with my roommate with the most beautiful outfits after every holiday, which her mother made for the new semester. I would walk around thinking…   ” If every girl I know ( of course more or less my size) would give me only one dress or blouse or piece of clothing that they don’t like or wear, how wonderful will that be! Years later, my prayer was answered. I had ladies boutiques filled with the most glorious dresses, and a factory, manufacturing the most magnificent garments, and clothes to wear! And above all, I could dress women and turn them into the most beautiful ladies for the day!

And then I walked through the garden…. As I was driving through the streets of George and the area, I had the same thoughts again. How wonderful will it be, if only every person with a garden in George, would give me only one plant in their gardens that they have too many of, or that they don’t want any more. The Jura Care Village needs a variety of plants in order to create a vibrant multi-sensory garden, stimulating the senses of our residents in the subtlest of ways. And little more than a week later, we got a phone call! And she said: “I am moving to a smaller place with hardly a garden, would you like to come and take my whole garden?” My garden prayer was answered as we began working in Hester’s garden, and are still very busy giving all her plants a new home in the Jura Care Village’s garden!

Joe holding up a few of so many gifted plants!

IMG_7540 (1024x683)

Marlene and Hester with her old dog

Hester…..thank you, thank you, thank you….