Every morning I wake up with the Sun basking me out of my bed…. and I get up not knowing, never knowing what to expect when I walk to The House. ( My house is only about 100m from The House, Jura Care Village)

While walking the little farm road, I see the windows of their rooms. Buddy is already up and walking his 4km for the morning, his open curtains and windows tell me that.

Jantje is still in her bed with her curtains slightly drawn, and I know…  it is going to be difficult this morning to get my dear friend out of her bed and out of her room. Two hours it will take me at least to swing her dark mood, to tell her how beautiful the day is outside, to help her get up to look at the sheep grazing, to just get her two feet out of her bed and onto the floor. But she battles because she forgets to sleep at night and then she is so tired during the morning. It is an effort to coax her into a sitting position and then I know to quickly close her blanket behind her, not seeing the inviting open bed. And when I take her two hands in mine and guide her to the shower…only then I know she is up, and ready to face a new day in her life!

The next window is aunty Manee’s. Always her windows are open.  And I can’t wait to see her face peeking though her window, a smile just for me! I love it when she is there, because then I know, she is going to have a lovely day! Sometimes she walks up to the front door, waiting for me to come and do her hair for her. And while with her, she tells me all the stories about her family, she shares her worries about some of them with me…and she tells me how happy I seem to be, and how much time I spend with her…

Aunty Joy….she is hanging out her window, waving at me! To her I am so familiar, almost a part of her for a year…

And as I pass the huge lounge window…

Dear Lila in her fluffy pink gown! She smiles wide as she sees someone familiar, waves as I see her blue eyes brightening. So glad she recognizes someone! And then her mouth mumbles words without making sense…

I am waiting then for my dear Uncle G! He sits on his chair with his walking stick and his red jacquard hat, and his sun glasses… waiting for me, and his ‘Butcher bird”. And as I walk into the house, I get a gentle hug… but then he has to go to his room to tend to his new children! His two yellow canaries…

And then I turn the corner…. only to meet our new Aunt B! A soft smile around her lips, not very sure about who I am, but still something about me, familiar.  And I know I have to make sure I treasure this emotion…. I need this emotion in her to help her loving it to live at Jura Care.

My angels are next…. and I am so grateful for having them in my life and my home! Always greeting me with love and plans to have a good day with our people…

Our Pastor…. is busy! He is on a new mission, and meets me along the way with heavy Bibles under his arm, so worried not to miss the train to somewhere in Natal. And as I take the Bibles from his hands, and tell him not to worry, God is caring and providing, he does not need to worry…. come and have a warm cup of tea! And while he takes the first sips I slip the Bibles out of his sight to be forgotten…

Aunty A…. is still in her bed, enjoying the salty breeze from the sea, and only gets up when she pulls the blanket from her head… allowing us to wash her, and cuddle her into her beautiful outfit. She will choose to sit in the lounge for the rest of the day…. and I do believe she knows exactly what is going on around her…

Aree…. she sleeps late, because when she is up, she works hard! She has her favorite chair watching the blue of the Ocean, while she keeps an eye on her knitting basket. She sits there making plans to do something about the dirty garden…. but she always keeps the chair next to her for her friend, uncle G, because they can chat away for hours and together they will wait for the bird, to come and sit on the fence.

I am Home! I can smell the peace and the love as I walk down the isle. Harmony in an abnormal way….

I am grateful for Aunty Anna still sleeping in her bed, and we walk softly beside her door, not to disturb her, not to wake her for another anxious, disturbed day!

I walk over to the CD player and put the music on for the morning… and as the sounds fill the room… Lilla’s feet begin to move,  a walking stick begins to tap…. a soft smile, blue eyes filled with love….

I go through the day….. helping, caring, saving….

And then… I am a witness.

Uncle G is in his room, bed time, almost all,  in their beds….

And he kneels in front of his bed

And he puts his hands together

in a prayer….

“Onse Vader”… he begins

“Baie dankie…. vir hierdie

belangrike werk…. met hierdie

wonderlike mense….. in hierdie

wonderlike plek…baie dankie

in Jesus se naam


and I walk home…. abnormality in a normal day…. or normal….?