“I heard the car thing is cancelled!”  Buddy decided for us on Saturday, looking out his window. A miserable grey day outside, but we were too grateful for the welcoming rain to wish it away.

Sunday morning Buddy woke up with an excitement all over his face. He remembered that something is going to happen this morning. When John and I stopped at the front door, he was ready. Just need a warm jacket for this outing.

We got his daughter out of bed early on this Sunday morning, and were at the gate at nine o’clock. He got worried about who is going to pay….but John quickly went to the entrance to sort that out, leaving me with the explanation of complimentary tickets if you 84 years old. “Hmmm, then I must come twice today.” Buddy replied.

He loved the day with Sharon and his grandson Ben, and the old cars lined up just for him. Two hours we spend there walking up and down the rows, with Buddy making sure we do not miss a car!

He stopped at a car, pointing his bony finger at the emblem..and I thought he wanted me to read it to him, so I did. DKW! But he had a naughty smile on his face and said in his proper English accent, “Duitse Kak Wa”!

Sharing his grandson’s  donuts, two hours later we were searching for a bench.

We treasured the moments we had with Buddy, and we made them with his family, and we treasure his smile, his humour, his recognition of all the ol’ ladies lined up for him today.

May we have the wisdom, to find the interest of every resident in Jura Care to share a day here and there with them to put a smile on their faces, and to make a golden memory for them and their families and for us. May they be blessed to live well with Dementia with Jura Care.