“Inspection visit!” the Inspector Doctor said.

That was some time ago.

A la book Jura show

every manual read

impression is the goal

to show the Doctor in her white coat

we know what it is all about!


INFECTION CONTROL she slightly mentioned

not much we thought…

But then, came a day…


Someone turned pale after a meal

still we think, no big deal

We can handle this

tomorrow life will be a bliss!


Tomorrow came to add another two pale

eating a bit, drinking less.

Soon we had another mess!

No problem, we can handle this!


But oh dear, the third bell was no fun!

Trouble spelt and done!


Gloves on!

Masks on!



Time to go!


Still we stayed calm.

Handle each cramp as it came.

Something for the vomit…a gentle balm

a pill for the tummy, upturned.


Battles fought to get meds down

not only fighting a frown.

Plans made to get water in.

Not even gonna tell how the story begin!


Quarantine!  That’s what we gonna do!

get the family and friends, to shoo…

concentrate on those we love

because we had enough!


No one understands not to share a glass!

No one realize, not to steal a bite off a plate!

All is upset about feeling sick!


Concentrate on love

that is what we know

as we glove, and mask, and clean

and smile

and care.


So a week later, Doctor Bruwer


We rewrote the policy, you know.

Threw away the copy and paste,

because now, we know!


Jura Care is not for show

this is really how we row.

We lived through a tough time

hanged the tummy bug on the line.


So Doctor, come and visit us

But please, no rush

lots still to learn every day

while we care and love, all in our own way…