We are still rolling the Big Balls, and we are trying to do so every Monday morning a little while after breakfast.

Some of us are just going along for the fun filled day, being the cheer leaders, and some are enjoying it to roll the balls.

But beware if our lane is taken, or our pink or blue balls aren’t there! We want the same spot every Monday, and we have to play with the same colour every time! And we do not put down the ball among the other balls, we sit with that heavy ball on our laps awaiting our turn.

DSC_0019 (450x800)

And every time it is our turn, we wonder which finger goes where, but with a little help we get our fingers in the right holes, and we can roll the ball all the way down!

Some of us take it very seriously, and some of us giggle with every roll, and some of us are so insecure and worry if we will ever hit a pin! But we are there, and we play!

And we laugh….


DSC_0022 (450x800)

The first time we went one of us couldn’t keep her balance, but we helped her, we kept her body close, almost spooning with her, and now, she walks up with her own ball, and she rolls it down to hit the pins! And when all of them drop down, she turns around with a big smile, but still saying: “I was just lucky!”

But our inspiration came from a wonderful friend, a champion , with his Springbok colours in Ten Pin Bowling! He introduced us, he invited us, and he showed us…..thank you!

And just the other day, he came for some tea at our home, visiting his new friends, and surprised us with our own Cup! Jura Cup!

DSC_0007 (800x450)

Our dear Aunty Mannee was the first winner of the Jura Cup, and she kept the cup next to her bed for the week!

DSC_0009 (450x800)

Today we are playing again!