“What if this is greater than us?” Is a question that has risen into our minds numerous times thus far. And indeed, we have seen a plethora of occurrences that has answered this question over and over again. The Jura Care Village is bigger than us, it has a path of its own. It seems to have very little boundaries and reaches into more and more lives each day, touching, caressing, soothing. We are honoured to be part of the Jura Care Village, a village that has chosen to care, soothe and bring peace to the lives that live here.


Johan van Niekerk – CEO (left) with Marco van Niekerk (right) busy releasing the gifted birds into their new home

The question has pointed us towards our community and continues expanding our concept of what community really means. The community seems to be an integral part of the Jura Care Village, one which shall be explored in the future with excitement. Just the other day, we received contact from a lovely family in George. They heard we built an aviary with ample space for many kinds of birds and they wanted to gift a few birds to Jura Care. When Marco and I went to fetch the birds, we were so excited. We could already picture the Jura Care residents sitting and listening to the divine sounds and songs of these birds. ‘What a blessing.’ We thought. And a blessing it was! Our residents now love to sit with the birds, just watching, listening and enjoying. Thank you to the family who shared so much! May your song be eternal.

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